Children Of Israel in Egypt

Children Of Israel in EgyptJoseph and his brothers of that generation are died, the children of Israel increased abundantly and the land was fill with them. A new king not known to Joseph, started ruling the country, is very much jealous of  Israel population. he tried to trouble them in so many ways, the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. The king made their lives bitter with hard bondage, and asked the mid-wives to kill new born male children but the mid-wives afraid of Israel's God. The mid-wives were also blessed by the God, there after Pharaoh asked his people to cast all male child into the river and to save female child.

    " Here Mid-wives feared to God and blessed by the God, so who ever fear to God will be blessed by the God, irrespective of Nation."

                             ~ Exodus Chapter 1                                                                    

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