Zaphnath - Paa - Neah

Pharaoh dreamed a dream that is, He saw in the dream, seven house came out from the river, which are healthy and grazing in a meadow, there after seven cows which are weak, came out from the river and ate the healthy cows. After some time seven ears of corn, came up are very good, there after seven weak ears of corn appeared. The weak ears of corn swallow the healthy corn.

                    Pharaoh's spirit was troubled, he summoned all wise man and magicians in the Egypt to know the meaning of the dream, but nobody could tell the meaning. He came to know about Joseph through butler, then Pharaoh immediately called Joseph, then Joseph said it is not in me God shall give an answer of peace. Joseph said to Pharaoh God has shewed what he is about to do and further said there will be a good crop for seven years fallow by seven years of famine. Pharaoh believed the spirit of God is in Joseph, Pharaoh appointed Joseph as overseer of his house as well as the country and took off his ring and put it upon Joseph's hand, dressed him with good cloth, put a gold chain about his neck. Pharaoh called him ' Zaphnath - Paa - Neah ' and gave him a wife by name ' Asenath ' , Joseph got two sons, he named first born Manasseh, for God said he has made me to forget all my toil of my father's house, the second born was named Ephraim, that means God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my Affliction.

                           Joseph visited all the land of Egypt and collected corn as the sand of the sea, which is more than sufficient for the next seven years, where the famine rules. When the famine started people of all the countries came to Joseph to purchase the grain.

                         " Joseph got knowleadge of interpreting the dreams because he believed in God. "
                                                      ~ Genesis Chapter 41

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