Israel in Egypt

Joseph commanded his workers to fill the bags with food, and money of his brothers. Joseph asked to put his silver cup in the bag of youngest. When they were gone out of the city, Joseph send his men to verify the bags for his silver cup. Workers of Joseph opened all the bags, and found the silver cup in Benjamin's bag. Then all the brothers of Joseph return to Egypt, to request the release of Benjamin, Judah one of the brothers request the Joseph to retin him instead of Benjamin, because of our father Israel is very old and he may die, if he did not see Benjamin our youngest brother. Then Joseph could not control himself and cried to leave that place, all Egyptians left that place. Then Joseph made himself known to his brothers, and cried loudly. Joseph asked his brothers not to fear, because God had sent me early to Egypt by your act, but it is for our good only. God want to save our family from the famine.

                  Pharaoh came to know brothers of Joseph have come to Joseph, then Pharaoh asked Joseph to get all his brothers and family members to Egypt. Pharaoh provided wagons and provisions for the way. Joseph sent his brothers to Canaan to get their families and Jacob their father.

              When Israel came to know, that Joseph is alive he said it is enough, Joseph my son is yet alive, i will go and see him before i die.

             Israel came to beer-Sheba and offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac. God spoke to Israel in a dream in that night and said " I am God, the God of your father, do not fear go to Egypt, I will make you a great nation there, and i will also surely bring you up again. " Jacob rose-up from beer-Sheba and reached to Egypt, along with family members, cattle goods which they got in the land of Canaan.

       " Even though Joseph was sold to Egyptians as a slave by his brothers, he believed it is act of God to save his family members from the famine of seven years. "                                                                      
                                              ~Genesis Chapter 44,45,46                           

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