Praise The Lord – Why Man Is On The Earth

First of all we discuss how the man was created on the earth and further developments, which led them to a sinful life.
                    God Created Heaven and Earth and every thing on the earth except man. God [Father Son and Holy-Spirit] Created Man in his own image to have dominion over all the things and creatures on the earth.God Created Women from the rib of a man by causing a deep sleep, both lived together in the garden of Eden. God
instructed them how to live in the garden, what are the fruits to be eaten and not to be eaten. The restricted fruit in the garden is knowledge of good and evil is in the middle of the garden
                  The Serpent entered into the lives of man and women and misled to disobey God by eating the restricted fruit. After eating the restricted fruit they came to know, they are naked, they could not face God. God came to know Serpent had done this, he cursed the serpent to creep on its belly and to eat dust for all the days of its life. He put enmity between childern of women and serpent.

   God said to women because you obeyed the serpent and disobeyed God, your troubles will be increased. you give birth to children with great difficulty and pain, you will have desire towards your husband and he will rule you.

                       God said to man because you heard the word of your wife and disobeyed the word of God by eating the restricted fruit. the soil will not yield automatically unless you shed your sweat till you reach the soil where from you are made. 
                                                                            ~ Genesis 1 to 4
         Because of the things happened after creation of man and women, still the generations together mankind is facing lot of troubles on the earth. even today the human beings are facing the same troubles by disobeying God‘s Command. Even though God has shown the way to away from sins.    

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