Joseph And His Brothers

Jacob lived in the land, wherein his father was a stranger, that is the land of Canaan. Joseph being 17 years old was feeding the flock with his brothers, and bringing to his father, their evil reports. Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because Joseph was the son of old age, Israel made, a colorful coat for Joseph, Joseph‘s brothers hated him and could not speak peaceably, because his father loved him more than others
                             Joseph dreamed a dream, and told to his brothers ” We were binding Sheaves in the field my Sheaf rose and stood upright, and your Sheaves stood round and made obeisance to my Sheaf. ” then his brothers said to him, shall you indeed right over us? and they hated for his words. Joseph came with another dream and told to his brothers ” The Sun and The Moon and The 11stars made obeisance to me. His brothers said, will father and mother and brothers come to bow down you?
                              Joseph’s brothers went to feed there father‘s flock in Shechem, Joseph went in search of them and found them in dothan, but they conspired against him, to kill him, Reuben heard it and delivered him out of there hands, Joseph’s brothers took his coat and cast him into a pit, which is empty and without water. Judah advised his brothers to sell Joseph to Ishmeelites for 20 pieces of silver. Ishmeelites took Joseph to Egypt, finally he was sold to Potiphar. Thereafter his brothers dipped Joseph‘s coat in the blood of goat, and brought it to his father, Jacob believed his son Joseph was killed by an animal.
                                                                    ~Genesis Chapter 37

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