Jacob – Deceiver

When Issac was old, he called his eldest son Esau and said to him i may die at any time, therefore you go to the field and get me some venison and prepare it as savoury meat, i may eat that, my soul may bless you before my dearth. Then Esau went to field to hunt for venison. Rebekah heard when Issac spake to Esau and told that matter to Jacob, and asked him to go the flock and fetch two good goats. Then Rebekah prepared savoury meat and send it to Issac by Jacob, and asked him to act like Esau, and clothed him like Esau. Jacob feared that if Issac came to know this truth, he may be cursed by his father, but Rebekah want to take that curse upon her, then Jacob obeyed words of his mother.
             Issac got some doubt about the voice of Esau, when touched Jacob, because of his garment Issac believed that Esau had come. Issac asked his son ” How quickly you found the venison? ” he replayed, your God brought it to me. Issac ate the savoury meat and drank wine brought by Jacob. Like that Issac blessed Jacob instated of Esau. thereafter Esau approached Issac with the savoury meat, then Issac trembled very exceedingly and came to know that, the blessings were taken by Jacob. Esau cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry, and asked his father to bless him also, Issac said your brother came with subtilty and taken away your blessing. Esau asked his father, have you not reserved any blessing for me? Issac said i made Jacob as your lord and you will be his servant.
                       Esau said he was rightly named as Jacob which means deceiver, he deceived me twice once in taking the birthright and second in taking the blessings. Esau hated Jacob and said in heart, the days of mourning of my father are at hand, then i will slay my brother Jacob. Esau told all these words to mother Rebekah, then Rebekah sent Jacob to Laban until Esau’s fury run away
         ” God will never take back his promises and the blessing of his servants also.  ”                 
                                                     ~  Genesis Chapter 27                 

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