Issac – Burnt Offering

After some time God tempted Abraham and said to him to take his son to the land of Moriah and offer his son as burnt offering. Abraham rose-up early in the morning saddled his ass and went to the place which God had told him, along with his son and to young men. Abraham prepared every thing to offer his son as burnt offering. when Issac asked his father where was the lamb for burnt offering, Abraham replied that God will provide him self a lamb for burnt offering.
               Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood in order, Abraham laid his son in the altar upon a wood, Abraham took knife to slay his son, then angel of God called Abraham not to slay his son. When Abraham lifted his eyes he saw a ram behind him then Abraham took that ram and offered it as burnt offering instead of his son. Abraham called that place Jehovah – Jirah .
                    Abraham prepared to give his only son as burnt offering to God, Abraham did not look back in obeying God’s order. God again promised Abraham to multiply his children as stars of heaven and sand on the sea shore.
        ” Because Abraham had obeyed the voice of God, his children are blessed for generations together, like wise God will bless the people who will believe in him without looking back.  ”    
                                             ~ Genesis Chapter 22           

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