Isaac and Ishmael

As Promised by the God Sarah gave birth to a son, he was named as Isaac. on 8th day Isaac was circumcised as commanded by the God. when Isaac was weaned, Abraham made a great feast on the same day Isaac was weaned. the son of Hagar was mocking at Isaac, it was seen by Sarah. Sarah asked Abraham to cast out Hagar and her son and it was very grievous in Abraham‘s sight because Ishmael is also his son. God asked Abraham to hear the voice of Sarah and promised to make Ishmael as a great nation
           Abraham rose up early in the morning and took bread and bottle of water for Hagar and sent out, Hagar and her son. She departed and roaming in the forest of Beer-Sheba. Hagar was a great sorrow because there was no water to feed his son, an angel of God appeared to Hagar and said do not fear God had heard your voice, God had opened her eyes, then she saw a well of water. 
        ” God will be always with the people who believed in God and their children.       
                                                                                 ~ Genesis Chapter 21

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