God and His Love

Even though God cursed first man Adam and first women Eve, God never forgot them and continued to bless them. Adam and Eve also thankful to God in their day to day life. Eve gave birth to Cain and thanked God and believed it is a gift from the God. In the same manner she got another son Abel.
                 Both Cain and Abel used to worship God and giving offerings to the God. God not interested in the offering of Cain but respected the offering of Abel. God did not like Cain because he is not good at his heart and his
acts also not good. Cain killed his brother Abel, because God loved his brother Abel so much, but God cursed him and set mark upon him, Lest anybody finds him should not kill him.
                     So God Loves the people who are clean at heart and leads a fearful life about God. God knows hearts of human beings and what is there in their hearts. Because Cain is not good at hi heart and his acts also not good,and he was cursed by the God. Abel is good at his heart and having God fearing mind,so God accepted his offering.
                                                                        ~ Genesis Chapter 4       

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