EL – Elohe – Israel

When Jacob lifted up his eyes, he saw Esau came with 400 men then Jacob divided his children, as per there mothers, Jacob passed over before them and bowed himself to the ground seven times. Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him and fell on his neck, and kissed him, both Jacob and Esau wept. Esau saw the women and children and said to Jacob, who are those with you? Jacob said the children are graciously given by God to your servant (Jacob). then Handmaidens and their children came near to Esau and bowed down themselves, thereafter Leah and Rachel did the same thing.
                    Esau enquired about the gifts sent by Jacob, Esau refused to accept the gifts, but Jacob requested to accept, finally Esau the gifts. Esau asked Jacob to continue his journey along with him, Jacob requested to come after some time, because children are tender, and flocks, and herds are young, and they may die, if i overdrive them. Esau offered to leave some some men for the help of Jacob but Jacob did not take, the Esau returned to Seir
                         Jacob journeyed to Succoth and built an house for him and made booths for his cattle, that is why the place is called Succoth. Jacob came to Shalem, the land of Canaan, pitched his tent before the city. He built an altar and named it EL – Elohe – Israel, means the God of Israel is God. 
                ” If we are in God, God make our enemies as our friends, as happened in case of Jacob and Esau.
                                                              ~Genesis Chapter 33                 

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