Dream of Joseph at the age of 7 years

When Jacob came to know there was corn in Egypt he sent his sons to purchase corn from the Egypt, because there is a famine the land of Canaan. Joseph’s brothers came to him and bowed down themselves before him with their faces to the earth, Joseph recognized them but they did not. Joseph remember the dream which he dreamed at the age of seven years about his brothers. Joseph intentionally said ” You are Spies ” then they said we are sons of one father, 12 in number and one is not with us and another is with our father. Joseph put all his ten brothers in prison for three days, on third day he visited the prison and said all nine members can go to the country by leaving Simeon here, till you bring your youngest brother
                              Joseph filled there bags with corn and money which they have tendered for purchase of the corn, after they came back to Canaan they opened their bags, they found corn as well as money, but they feared a lot and remembered God
                             All the things happened in Egypt were explained to their father Jacob and requested him to sent Benjamin with them to Egypt, to get their brother released from the prison of Egypt. But Jacob said ” You have bereaved of my children, Joseph is not there, Simeon is not there and you want to take Benjamin away from me. ” Ruben said to his father if i bring not your sons you can slay my two sons, but Jacob refused send Benjamin along with his brothers.
                      ” God has given power to Joseph to interpret the dreams of him and others. ”                                                                       ~Genesis Chapter 42          

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