Benjamin in Egypt

Jacob‘s family members had eaten-up the corn, which they had brought from the Egypt, Jacob asked their sons, to go Egypt to get some more corn, but they refuse to go with out Benjamin. Then Jacob asked their sons, to take best fruits in the land and honey, spices, myrrh, nuts, almonds and also Benjamin and said God almighty give you mercy before the man, and he may send away your other brother and Benjamin
                      When Joseph saw Benjamin with them, Joseph asked to bring these men to this house, and said these men will dine with me at noon. Joseph brothers afraid, when Joseph invited them to his house, and Joseph said peace be to you, fear not, your God, God of your father had given you money in your bags and Joseph brought Simeon with him. Joseph asked welfare of their father, they replied he in good health, as and when Joseph saw Benjamin he could not control himself, he wept there in his camber. Joseph asked his brothers to sit according to age, he himself sat with them, there after they drank and happy with him                                                       
                                                                   ~Genesis Chapter 43 

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