Hope Makes Us Not Ashamed

Hope Makes Us Not Ashamed

“Hope makes us not ashamed, because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us”. (Rom. 5:5).

The first name given in the Bible to the Holy Spirit is in Romans 1:4, “and declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the Spirit of holiness by the resurrection from the dead.” 
Hope Makes Us Not Ashamed
He is given that name that we may understand the meaning of God’s holiness and we also can become holy, as God is holy. That is God’s standard for you and me.
In Hebrews 9:14: we read: “How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge you r conscience from dead works to serve the living God.” 
That is the second name we see in the Bible: the Eternal Spirit. He has given the Spirit to us to teach us about eternal things.
In john 14:16 we read; “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.” 
The third name that is given to the Holy Spirit is the Comforter. He is called the Comforter, that the love of God may be fully enjoyed by us. 
The fourth name of the Holy Spirit is given in John 16:13 “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth; for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak; and he will shew you things to come”. 
The spirit of truth will teach me day by day things to come, and at the same time give me a clear understanding of the whole plan of salvation, for by the Holy Spirit we know clearly how we become just and righteous before God; how all our sins are forgiven; and how the Lord Himself is our sanctification and righteousness.
Similarly He says: ‘He will show you things to come”.

In the morning Lord you hear my voice

 In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” Psalm 5:3

In the Bible, David was called a man after God’s own heart. He knew God and saw amazing miracles throughout his life. But notice in this verse what David did. He set the tone for his whole day by spending time with the Lord in the morning.
In the morning Lord you hear my voice

It didn’t matter what was going on in his life, David had his priorities set. Even though he was mistreated by his family, manipulated, made fun of, hunted down by King Saul, and even made some major mistakes on his own, David realized that each morning held the promise of new hope.

Just like David, if you’ll make spending time with God a priority in your life, you will see Him move mightily on your behalf. Make it a habit to seek Him first every single day no matter what is happening. Set the tone for your day and set your course for victory!


Burning Bush

Moses kept the flock of his father-in-law, one day he led the flock to Horeb the mountain of God, there the angel of God appeared to him in a flame of fire in a bush, but the bush was not consumed
Burning Bush - Exodus Chapter 3
. Moses slowly approached the bush to see the wonder. When the Lord saw the Moses approaching the bush, God called him by his name Moses, and Moses said [ Here I am ], Then God said it is a holy place, so put up your shoes, God further said I  am the God of your father, The God of Abraham, The God of Issac, The God of Jacob, Then Moses afraid and hide the face. 

                              God said I have seen the affliction of my people in Egypt, and hear they cry, I know their sorrows, and I came down to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians, and I want to bring them to a land, flowing with milk and honey.

                               God said to Moses, I will send you Pharaoh, you should bring my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses afraid, but God said I will be with you and this shall be a token to you, I have sent you, bring the children of Israel out of Egypt and you shall serve God upon this mountain. Moses asked the name of God, God said  I AM THAT I AM. God further said to Moses I the Lord God of your fathers this is my name for ever and asked Moses to go to Egypt to get back the children of Israel and promised to visit him in Egypt. God asked Moses to collect elders of Israel and said to them our fathers God had appeared to me and promised to deliver from the troubles in Egypt, and further asked Moses to go to the king of Egypt and convey him that our God had appeared to us, so we should go to worship him, it is a journey of three days from here and finally said, we may kindly be permitted to worship our God. God further said but the king will not allow you to go then I will destroy the Egyptians, then only he will send you from Egypt. God further said I will make Egyptians to have mercy on you, so you should collect gold, silver, garments from your neighbors.  

                                                            – Exodus Chapter 3

Birth of Moses

Baby Moses in Egypt at river Nile Moses born in the house of Levi, at that time there was an order of the king, of that country, that every male child born to the Isreal. Moses mother hid him three months and could not hide him further, so she made an ark of bulrushes and daubed it with slime and with pitch and put Moses therein and left that box river of Nile. And the sister of Moses stood afar and watching the happenings to that box. 
                   The daughter of Pharaoh came to wash herself at the river, along with her servants, and found that ark among the flags and ordered the servants to fetch that. When she opened she saw the child and had a compassion on him and said this is one of the Israel children and ordered, to take that child away and nurse for her. She promised to pay wages to the women who nursed the child. 
               When the child grew he was handed over to the Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, and she called his name Moses, because she drew him out of the water. 
                Moses went to see his brethren at that time an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew, Moses looked this way and that way and killed the Egyptian, it came to the notice of Pharaoh and Pharaoh wants to kill the Moses, then Moses went to the land of Midian. In Midian he helped to draw water and feed to the flock of the priest. The priest of Midian came to know the work of Moses and invited him to his house, and gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses. Zipporah gave birth to a son and called his name Gershom. In the Egypt the children of Israel were suffering a lot and cried and their cry came to God, God heard their cry and remembered his covenant with Abraham.
                                                                    – Exodus Chapter 2

Children Of Israel in Egypt

Children Of Israel in EgyptJoseph and his brothers of that generation are died, the children of Israel increased abundantly and the land was fill with them. A new king not known to Joseph, started ruling the country, is very much jealous of  Israel population. he tried to trouble them in so many ways, the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. The king made their lives bitter with hard bondage, and asked the mid-wives to kill new born male children but the mid-wives afraid of Israel’s God. The mid-wives were also blessed by the God, there after Pharaoh asked his people to cast all male child into the river and to save female child.

    ” Here Mid-wives feared to God and blessed by the God, so who ever fear to God will be blessed by the God, irrespective of Nation.”

                             ~ Exodus Chapter 1                                                                    

Death Of Israel

Jacob called all his sons, and blessed every one according to his

Death Of Israel

blessing he blessed them, and requested to bury him where his forefathers are buried. as per they request of Jacob he was buried in the land of Canaan. Joseph’s brothers prayed Joseph to forgive their sins and trespasses. Then Joseph wept and said it is the plan of God about our family. Joseph lived 110 years and saw Ephraims children and also of Manasseh. Joseph requested his brothers to carry up his bones from Egypt to the land which God swear to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. Joseph died at the age of 110 years old, his brothers Embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. 

                                                   ~ Genesis Chapter 49,50

Jacob Blessed Pharaoh

Joseph introduced some of his brothers to Pharaoh, Pharaoh enquired about the occupation of the brothers of Joseph, and came to they are shepherds. Brothers of Joseph, requested Pharaoh to live in the land of Goshen, to get pasture for their flocks. Pharaoh gave a free hand to Joseph to select the place for their brothers in Egypt, further advised Joseph to appoint his brothers as rulers

over the cattle of Egypt if they have knowledge of the activity. 

                                 Joseph introduced his father Jacob to Pharaoh, Pharaoh enquired about the age of Jacob, Jacob replied his age was 130 years. Jacob blessed Pharaoh and went out from before Pharaoh. Joseph placed his father and brothers in the best of the land that is the land of Rameses, Joseph gave food to his father and his brothers according to their families. 
                                Money failed in the land of Egypt, people came to Joseph for bread, Joseph asked to surrender their cattle in exchange of bread, Joseph took position of cattle and feed them. once again the people came to Joseph for bread, this time Joseph asked to surrender their lands, they surrendered their lands and have taken bread. now entire land and cattle of the country are in the position of Pharaoh. Then Joseph asked to cultivate the land and pay 1/5th of the crop to the Pharaoh .
                               Israel lived 17th years in the land of Egypt, but don’t want to die in the land of Egypt, at the age of 147 years Israel called his son Joseph and prayed him not to bury in Egypt and bury me where my forefathers are burried. Israel asked to swear Joseph, Joseph swear to him.
                                                    ~ Genesis Chapter 47                                                

Israel in Egypt

Joseph commanded his workers to fill the bags with food, and money of his brothers. Joseph asked to put his silver cup in the bag of youngest. When they were gone out of the city, Joseph send his men to verify the bags for his silver cup. Workers of Joseph opened all the bags, and found the silver cup in Benjamin’s bag. Then all the brothers of Joseph return to Egypt, to request the release of Benjamin, Judah one of the brothers request the Joseph to retin him instead of Benjamin, because of our father Israel is very old and he may die, if he did not see Benjamin our youngest brother. Then Joseph could not control himself and cried to leave that place, all Egyptians left that place. Then Joseph made himself known to his brothers, and cried loudly. Joseph asked his brothers not to fear, because God had sent me early to Egypt by your act, but it is for our good only. God want to save our family from the famine.

                  Pharaoh came to know brothers of Joseph have come to Joseph, then Pharaoh asked Joseph to get all his brothers and family members to Egypt. Pharaoh provided wagons and provisions for the way. Joseph sent his brothers to Canaan to get their families and Jacob their father.
              When Israel came to know, that Joseph is alive he said it is enough, Joseph my son is yet alive, i will go and see him before i die.
             Israel came to beer-Sheba and offered sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac. God spoke to Israel in a dream in that night and said ” I am God, the God of your father, do not fear go to Egypt, I will make you a great nation there, and i will also surely bring you up again. ” Jacob rose-up from beer-Sheba and reached to Egypt, along with family members, cattle goods which they got in the land of Canaan.
       ” Even though Joseph was sold to Egyptians as a slave by his brothers, he believed it is act of God to save his family members from the famine of seven years.                                                                      
                                              ~Genesis Chapter 44,45,46                           

Benjamin in Egypt

Jacob‘s family members had eaten-up the corn, which they had brought from the Egypt, Jacob asked their sons, to go Egypt to get some more corn, but they refuse to go with out Benjamin. Then Jacob asked their sons, to take best fruits in the land and honey, spices, myrrh, nuts, almonds and also Benjamin and said God almighty give you mercy before the man, and he may send away your other brother and Benjamin
                      When Joseph saw Benjamin with them, Joseph asked to bring these men to this house, and said these men will dine with me at noon. Joseph brothers afraid, when Joseph invited them to his house, and Joseph said peace be to you, fear not, your God, God of your father had given you money in your bags and Joseph brought Simeon with him. Joseph asked welfare of their father, they replied he in good health, as and when Joseph saw Benjamin he could not control himself, he wept there in his camber. Joseph asked his brothers to sit according to age, he himself sat with them, there after they drank and happy with him                                                       
                                                                   ~Genesis Chapter 43 

Dream of Joseph at the age of 7 years

When Jacob came to know there was corn in Egypt he sent his sons to purchase corn from the Egypt, because there is a famine the land of Canaan. Joseph’s brothers came to him and bowed down themselves before him with their faces to the earth, Joseph recognized them but they did not. Joseph remember the dream which he dreamed at the age of seven years about his brothers. Joseph intentionally said ” You are Spies ” then they said we are sons of one father, 12 in number and one is not with us and another is with our father. Joseph put all his ten brothers in prison for three days, on third day he visited the prison and said all nine members can go to the country by leaving Simeon here, till you bring your youngest brother
                              Joseph filled there bags with corn and money which they have tendered for purchase of the corn, after they came back to Canaan they opened their bags, they found corn as well as money, but they feared a lot and remembered God
                             All the things happened in Egypt were explained to their father Jacob and requested him to sent Benjamin with them to Egypt, to get their brother released from the prison of Egypt. But Jacob said ” You have bereaved of my children, Joseph is not there, Simeon is not there and you want to take Benjamin away from me. ” Ruben said to his father if i bring not your sons you can slay my two sons, but Jacob refused send Benjamin along with his brothers.
                      ” God has given power to Joseph to interpret the dreams of him and others. ”                                                                       ~Genesis Chapter 42