Father and Mother of Many Nations

God Appeared to Abraham and remembered the covenant between Abraham and God. God changed the name of Abram to Abraham which means father of many nations, Sarai to Sarah mother of many nations. God said to Abraham every male child of 8 days old shall circumcise flesh of the fore skin, it is applicable to male child born in Abraham‘s house as well as children bought with money, for the remembrance of everlasting covenant.
            Abraham and his Ismael, and all born in his house and others bought with money were  circumcised the flesh of foreskin on the same day. Abraham was 99 years when he was circumcised

                God said to Abraham, Ismael also will be blessed exceedingly and he will be fruitful. and 12 princess will come from Ismael and he will be a great nation. Ismael was 13 years old when he was circumcised.
                           ” God blessed Abraham and Sarah to be the Father and Mother of many nations. God blessed Ismael also to be a great nation.
                                                                  ~ Genesis 17                          

Abram – Righteousness

When Abram asked God for children, God promised to give as many children as stars in sky, this promise was believed by Abram without any doubt. believing without any doubt was counted as Righteousness.

       Sarai wife of Abram asked Abram to go in her maid servant by name Hagar to obtain children, Hagar conceived. After conceived Hagar despised sarai, Sarai dealt with Hagar heartily, Hagar escaped into the forest, there an angel of God appeared to her and said to return to sarai and be obedient to her. and you will give birth to a male child whose name should be Ishmael and God will bless Ismael also.

                    “ Abram believed God with any doubt and it is counted as Righteousness. It Apples to us also and will be bless like Abram.” 
                                                       ~ Genesis Chapter 15 and 16                    

Abram and Lot

Both Abram and Lot were blessed by the God, They are very rich in cattle, silver and gold. There is a Strife between the servants of Abram and Lot, Abram requested Lot to live separately and gave Lot a choice to select the area to live, then Lot selected plain of Jordan where sufficient water is there and shifted his tent to Sodom. God said to Abram select the land which u can see, God promised to give the land selected by the Abram for Abram‘s children for ever, Abram shifted his tent towards plain of Mamre, there Abram built an alter to the God.
               The people of Sodom were wicked and sinners committed so many sins against God. There was a war between rulers of Sodom and others, The king of Sodom lost the war, the entire country was looted by the other kings, the property (Goods, women and people )

of Lot and Lot was taken as Captive. One person escaped from the war informed Abram that Lot was taken as captive, Abram waged a war for redemption of Lot. Abram ws blessed by the God and delivered his enemies to his hand, The king of Sodom offered some goods to Abram but he refused and said to the King of Sodom, I Lift Up my hands to the God only who is possessor of heaven and earth.

                        ” Abram believed in God for every thing in his life. God loved him and blessed him through out his life. Like that God Loves and Blesses who belives in God.
                                                         ~ Genesis Chapter 13 and 14

God and Abram – HolyScript

After the Dearth of Terah, The father Abram who died in Haran. God asked Abram to leave the country and go to a land that God will show to him. God Promised Abram to make his children as a great nation, further promised to bless the people who are blessed by Abram, and cursed the people who are cursed by Abram. As per Gods word Abram along with his wife ( Sarai ) and brothers son ( Lot ) went to the land of Canaan. In his Journey, Abram passed through Sichem, there God appeared to Abram and promised to give that land to him, Abram built an alter to the God there. 
                                  There was a Famine in that land so Abram journeyed to Egypt, But he feared that Egyptians may kill him because his wife ( Sarai ) is beautiful, so he asked wife not to revel the truth that she is his wife and asked her to tell them as she is his sister. Egyptians praised the beauty of sarai before Pharaoh, sarai was taken to the house of Pharaoh. Abram was given lot of cattle gold and silver by the Pharaoh but God caused great plagues to the family of Pharaoh. Pharaoh came to know God causing plagues because sarai is Abram‘s wife. Pharaoh sent away Abram and his wife with all his ( Abram’s ) wealth.
                ” God loves the people who are faith in him, and take care of the families “
                                                              ~ Genesis Chapter 12            

Languages of the World – Babel

After the Flood, The Sons of Noah and their families multiplied in large numbers and spread over the world, their languages is one all the generations are speaking one language. Lord blessed Noah and his sons and said to be fruitful and  occupy the entire world. 
              In their journey they found a plain in the land of Shinar. Instead of spreading over the earth they want to remain at one place and construct a tallest building so that it touches the heaven.

God visited that construction and said because of one language nothing will be restrained from them, immediately God changed their languages from that day onwards there come so many languages on the earth. The proposed construction of tallest building is also stopped, it is also called Babel ( Means Confound ),  After that God scatted them all over the earth.

                ” From that day onwards there are so many languages on the earth, as we are witnessing so many languages even today”  
                                                                    ~ Genesis Chapter 11                  

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Gods Covenant With Genarations to Come

God Promised not to destroy man and all kind of creatures on the earth by the waters of a flood, to remember this Covenant God put his bow in the cloud even today we can see this before raining and after raining many a times. 
                             Ham one of the sons of Noah had careless behavior towards his father, he did not behave properly when he saw nakedness of his father, but other two sons of Noah Shem and Japheth covered his father’s nakedness with a cloth, without seeing his nakedness.

                                     Noah came to know the things happened to him, when he was drunken he blessed both the sons who had covered his nakedness with a garment, and cursed Ham and his son Canaan to be the servants of Shem and Japheth.
                 ” Because Noah is a Just man and God fearing human, his blessings and curses are happened in his sons lives “
                                                                      ~ Genesis Chapter 9              

Wickedness Of Man

Men Multiplied on the earth, but wickedness of man increase like anything, only evil thoughts are at the heart of men. violence and corruption as been increased. God had repented for making man on the earth, and decided to destroy him from the earth but he remembered family of  Noah for their obedience towards God. 

                                  God asked Noah to prepare a ship to save himself and his family members and all kinds of living things on the earth from the flood of waters. God ordered rain on the earth for forty days and forty

nights. Every living thing on the earth were
destroyed except the living things in the ship. After the waters abated off from the earth Noah and his family members along with all living things in the ship were came out. Noah build an altar and collected every clean animals and birds and offered burnt offerings on the altar. After that God though in his heart not to destroy the living things including men on the earth.
     ” God has abundant love towards his creation, he forgave all the exceeding of men and blessed them again.
                                                                  ~ Genesis 7&8 Chapters                   

God and His Love

Even though God cursed first man Adam and first women Eve, God never forgot them and continued to bless them. Adam and Eve also thankful to God in their day to day life. Eve gave birth to Cain and thanked God and believed it is a gift from the God. In the same manner she got another son Abel.
                 Both Cain and Abel used to worship God and giving offerings to the God. God not interested in the offering of Cain but respected the offering of Abel. God did not like Cain because he is not good at his heart and his
acts also not good. Cain killed his brother Abel, because God loved his brother Abel so much, but God cursed him and set mark upon him, Lest anybody finds him should not kill him.
                     So God Loves the people who are clean at heart and leads a fearful life about God. God knows hearts of human beings and what is there in their hearts. Because Cain is not good at hi heart and his acts also not good,and he was cursed by the God. Abel is good at his heart and having God fearing mind,so God accepted his offering.
                                                                        ~ Genesis Chapter 4       

Praise The Lord – Why Man Is On The Earth

First of all we discuss how the man was created on the earth and further developments, which led them to a sinful life.
                    God Created Heaven and Earth and every thing on the earth except man. God [Father Son and Holy-Spirit] Created Man in his own image to have dominion over all the things and creatures on the earth.God Created Women from the rib of a man by causing a deep sleep, both lived together in the garden of Eden. God
instructed them how to live in the garden, what are the fruits to be eaten and not to be eaten. The restricted fruit in the garden is knowledge of good and evil is in the middle of the garden
                  The Serpent entered into the lives of man and women and misled to disobey God by eating the restricted fruit. After eating the restricted fruit they came to know, they are naked, they could not face God. God came to know Serpent had done this, he cursed the serpent to creep on its belly and to eat dust for all the days of its life. He put enmity between childern of women and serpent.

   God said to women because you obeyed the serpent and disobeyed God, your troubles will be increased. you give birth to children with great difficulty and pain, you will have desire towards your husband and he will rule you.

                       God said to man because you heard the word of your wife and disobeyed the word of God by eating the restricted fruit. the soil will not yield automatically unless you shed your sweat till you reach the soil where from you are made. 
                                                                            ~ Genesis 1 to 4
         Because of the things happened after creation of man and women, still the generations together mankind is facing lot of troubles on the earth. even today the human beings are facing the same troubles by disobeying God‘s Command. Even though God has shown the way to away from sins.