Jacob – Deceiver

When Issac was old, he called his eldest son Esau and said to him i may die at any time, therefore you go to the field and get me some venison and prepare it as savoury meat, i may eat that, my soul may bless you before my dearth. Then Esau went to field to hunt for venison. Rebekah heard when Issac spake to Esau and told that matter to Jacob, and asked him to go the flock and fetch two good goats. Then Rebekah prepared savoury meat and send it to Issac by Jacob, and asked him to act like Esau, and clothed him like Esau. Jacob feared that if Issac came to know this truth, he may be cursed by his father, but Rebekah want to take that curse upon her, then Jacob obeyed words of his mother.
             Issac got some doubt about the voice of Esau, when touched Jacob, because of his garment Issac believed that Esau had come. Issac asked his son ” How quickly you found the venison? ” he replayed, your God brought it to me. Issac ate the savoury meat and drank wine brought by Jacob. Like that Issac blessed Jacob instated of Esau. thereafter Esau approached Issac with the savoury meat, then Issac trembled very exceedingly and came to know that, the blessings were taken by Jacob. Esau cried with a great and exceeding bitter cry, and asked his father to bless him also, Issac said your brother came with subtilty and taken away your blessing. Esau asked his father, have you not reserved any blessing for me? Issac said i made Jacob as your lord and you will be his servant.
                       Esau said he was rightly named as Jacob which means deceiver, he deceived me twice once in taking the birthright and second in taking the blessings. Esau hated Jacob and said in heart, the days of mourning of my father are at hand, then i will slay my brother Jacob. Esau told all these words to mother Rebekah, then Rebekah sent Jacob to Laban until Esau’s fury run away
         ” God will never take back his promises and the blessing of his servants also.  ”                 
                                                     ~  Genesis Chapter 27                 

Issac and Abimelech

There was a famime in that land, then Issac went to Abimelech, the king of philistines to Gerar, there God appeared to Issac and said not to go to Egypt, and to live in that land only. God promised to bless him and his children, and to give all these countries to his children and multiply his children as the stars of haven
                 Issac dwelt in Gerar, when the men of the place asked him of his wife, he said she is my sister. Issac feared that he may be killed because of fairness of Rebekah. Time came to pass one day Abimelech saw that Issac was sporting with Rebekah and his wife, then Abimelech called Issac, how you had said she is your sister? Issac said because i may be killed by the local people for Rebekah
                   Abimelech ordered all his people not to touch neither Issac nor his wife Rebekah, if anybody touched he will put to dearth. When Issac showed he received an 100 fold because he was blessed by the God. Issac became very great he had flocks, herds and servants, then Abimelech asked Issac to leave the place and go to some other place. Issac went to valley of Gerar and pitched his tent there. Issac digged again, wells of his father Abraham, which were stopped by the philistines after Abraham’s dearth. servants of Issac digged a well and found springing of water, but the herdmen of Gerar, strove with herdmen of Issac saying the water is ours, and the herdman of Issac digged another well, for that also they strove. the herdmen of Issac digged another well, for that the herdmen of Gerar did not strive, so they named the well ” Rehoboth and said God made a room for us and we shall be fruitful
                      Issac went to Beer-Sheba, there God appeared him and said ” Do-not fear, I am with you, I will bless you and your children for the sake of my servant Abraham “. Then Issac built an alter and pitched the tent there.
                        Abimelech feared about the strength of Issac and believed that God is with him, so he went Issac to enter into a covenant of peace and reached.
      ” When God’s Blessing are with us, we need not fear for anything in the world.  ” 
                                               ~Genesis Chapter 26                                  

Esau and Jacob

Abraham died at the age of 175years, he was buried by his sons Issac and Ishmael, in the cave of Machpelah, purchased by Abraham from Ephron. God blessed Issac after the dearth of Abraham. Rebekah was barren, then Issac prayed God for children, God heard the prayer of Issac, then Rebekah conceived. The children struggled together within her, Rebekah went to enquire the struggle of children with the God, God said to her that two nations are in your womb, one nation shall be stronger than the other nation and elder shall serve the younger . Rebekah gave birth to twins, first came out red all over like a hairy garment he named as Esau, after that Esau brother came out by holding Esau‘s heel, he is named as Jacob. Esau was cunning hunter but loved by his father, Jacob was a plain man loved by his mother.
     One day Jacob was preparing red pottage, at that time his brother came from the field and he is very hungry and weak, he asked Jacob to feed red pottage, then Jacob asked Esau to sell the birthright, Esau agreed to sell the birthright for the red pottage.
   ” Esau sold his birthright cheaply for the sake of pottage, like that we should not disobey the words of God, for colorful things in the world.  ”       

                                          ~ Genesis Chapter 25           

Issac and Rebekah

Abraham said to his eldest servant to bring a wife for his son Issac, from the house of his father. The servant took camels of his master reached to the city of Nahor. The servant stopped near a well of water so that women may come to draw the water in the evening. He prayed God to show kindness upon his master Abraham. After his prayer a women came to that well with a pitcher, she is non other than Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel. The damsel is very fair and virgin, she went down to the well, and filled her pitcher and came up. The servant met and asked some water for drinking, she gave water not only to him but also his camels. The servant presented gold bracelets and earring  and enquired about his parents, she further promised to provide straw for his camels and his members a room to lodge in. the servant man bowed down his head and worshiped the Lord the things happened.
               Rebekah told all the things happend at well to her mother then his brother Laban went to the man at well and invited the servant to his house, Laban provided straw to the camels and meet to him, but he refused and said that he is servant of Abraham, Abraham my master blessed by the God greatly, God gave him flocks, herds, silver, gold, menservants, maidservants, camels and asses. my master asked me to get a wife to his son Issac from his fathers house. I asked God to lead me in right way to take my master’s brother’s daughter unto Issac, and said to Bethuel wither you are willing are not willing kindly tell me.
                 Bethuel and Laban said to servant this is the work of God, we cannot bad or good and Rebekah is before you, take her and go and let her be your master’s son’s wife. After hearing the words fro Bethuel Abraham servant bowed down himself to the earth and worshiped God. The servant gave gold and silver and precious things to Rebekah and her brother, her mother, then only the servant eat the meat along with the men that were with him. when the servant asked the parents of Rebekah to send their daughter with him Rebekah prepared to go with the servant. parents of Rebekah blessed her that she should be thousands of  millions. Issac met the servant and Rebekah in the way from where they are coming, the servant told all the things happened. then Issac brought her to tent of his mother Sarah, then she become his wife. Issac loved Rebekah and he was comforted after his mother’s dearth.
         ” When God is with you, he shows the way to go, and things to be done.  ”                 
                                                          ~ Genesis Chapter 24                  

Abraham the Mighty Prince

Sarah died when she was 127years old, in Kirjath-arba of Canaan. Abraham urged the sons of heth to get a field from Ephron the son of Zohar, to bury his wife. The sons of heth offered  him field, which ever Abraham likes in that area. but Abraham wants to purchase the land for silver, finally he purchased the land for four hundred shekels of silver. When Abraham approach the sons of heth for burying place for his wife, they said ” you are mighty prince among us.    
          Even though he was a stranger in Canaan, he commanded good respect because of his God fearing nature.
” God fearing nature in this world commands respect among non christians also, in addition to the blessings of God.    
                        ~ Genesis Chapter 23           

Issac – Burnt Offering

After some time God tempted Abraham and said to him to take his son to the land of Moriah and offer his son as burnt offering. Abraham rose-up early in the morning saddled his ass and went to the place which God had told him, along with his son and to young men. Abraham prepared every thing to offer his son as burnt offering. when Issac asked his father where was the lamb for burnt offering, Abraham replied that God will provide him self a lamb for burnt offering.
               Abraham built an altar there and laid the wood in order, Abraham laid his son in the altar upon a wood, Abraham took knife to slay his son, then angel of God called Abraham not to slay his son. When Abraham lifted his eyes he saw a ram behind him then Abraham took that ram and offered it as burnt offering instead of his son. Abraham called that place Jehovah – Jirah .
                    Abraham prepared to give his only son as burnt offering to God, Abraham did not look back in obeying God’s order. God again promised Abraham to multiply his children as stars of heaven and sand on the sea shore.
        ” Because Abraham had obeyed the voice of God, his children are blessed for generations together, like wise God will bless the people who will believe in him without looking back.  ”    
                                             ~ Genesis Chapter 22           

Isaac and Ishmael

As Promised by the God Sarah gave birth to a son, he was named as Isaac. on 8th day Isaac was circumcised as commanded by the God. when Isaac was weaned, Abraham made a great feast on the same day Isaac was weaned. the son of Hagar was mocking at Isaac, it was seen by Sarah. Sarah asked Abraham to cast out Hagar and her son and it was very grievous in Abraham‘s sight because Ishmael is also his son. God asked Abraham to hear the voice of Sarah and promised to make Ishmael as a great nation
           Abraham rose up early in the morning and took bread and bottle of water for Hagar and sent out, Hagar and her son. She departed and roaming in the forest of Beer-Sheba. Hagar was a great sorrow because there was no water to feed his son, an angel of God appeared to Hagar and said do not fear God had heard your voice, God had opened her eyes, then she saw a well of water. 
        ” God will be always with the people who believed in God and their children.       
                                                                                 ~ Genesis Chapter 21

Abraham and Abimelech

Abraham journeyed towards south and lived between Kadesh and Shur in Gerar, Abimelech was king of that country, Again Sarah taken by Abimelech because Abraham said Sarah was his sister. But God appeared to Abimelech in the dream and said you are a dead man for the women which you had taken because she is wife of a man, Abhimelech blamed Abraham and Sarah as they said brother and sisters. because Abimelech was a righteous person God had stopped him from doing sin against God. God further said to Abimelech to restore Sarah to Abraham, God said Abraham is a prophet and he will pray for you and you will live, if you did not restore you and all that of yours will surely die.
               Abimelech rose early in the morning, called all his servants and told the things happened in his dream, after hearing the things all the servants were afraid. Abimelech called Abraham and said to him what had you done to us? you should not have told like that, but Abraham said, the fear of God is not there in your country, to escape from killing because of my wife, i said like that. But she is really my sister, she is my father‘s house but her mother is different and my mother is different. Abimelech gave Abraham, sheep, oxen, servants along with his wife. Then Abraham prayed for Abimelech, Abimelech and his country was blessed by the God.
                             ” God’s presence was there in every step of Abraham because he is a righteous. In the same manner God‘s presence will be there for the righteous people always.   ”       
                                                               ~ Genesis Chapter 20        

Sodom and Gomorrah

After communicating with Abraham God disappeared. Two angels from heaven appeared to Lot, Lot bowed himself with his face towards the ground, and requested the angels to stay with him during the night, he arranged food to them, before they sleep men of Sodom surrounded the house of Lot and want to spoil two angels. Lot requested the men of Sodom not to spoil the angels, in-turn he offered his two daughters to the men of Sodom, but the men of Sodom did not agree and tried to reach the angels, the men of Sodom become blind and did not reach the angels.
         The two angels said to Lot to bring out his family members from that city, because they are going to destroy the city. When Lot requested his son-inlaws to come with him, they mocked at him and did not come. Lot along with his wife and daughters left the city of Sodom, by the help of two angels, the two angels asked Lot and his family members not to look behind, but his wife looked behind and became a pillar of salt.
                                       God remembered Abraham and send Lot out of the city and saved the righteous, Lot reached Zoar and lived there in mountains and caves along with his two daughters
                   ” God never destroy honest people, who believe in God.”           
                                                          ~ Genesis Chapter 19           

Farther – Son – Holyspirit

God appeared to Abraham in the planes of Mamre, when he sate in the tent when Abraham lifted his eyes he looked three men stood by him, he ran to meet them and bowed himself towards the ground and requested them not to go away from that place. he fetched some water to wash there feet and asked to take rest under the tree. Abraham took butter and milk, and a dressed calf and put before them God had that food
                                    God remembered Sarah and promised a son to Sarah, but Sarah laughed at God because she is very old woman and her husband is also very old, it is impossible to have a child at that age but God made it possible, nothing is impossible for God.
            The men ( Father – Son – Holy spirit ) started towards Sodom, God wanted to disclose the purpose of going to Sodom, God said to Abraham the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and their sins are very grievous. Abraham asked God weather he is going to destroy righteous along with the wicked. God said to Abraham if he finds 50 righteous in the city, the city will not be destroyed. Abraham again and again asked God by reducing the number of righteous from 50 to 45, 45 to 40, 40 to 30, 30 to 20 Abraham finally not to destroy the city if 10 righteous are there and God agreed not to destroy the city for the sake of 10 righteous.
                             ” Abraham prayed God for himself and his family in the same manner for the people of Sodom and Gomorrah he prayed God a lot. Likewise we should also pray for others first there after ourselves.
                                                       ~ Genesis Chapter 18